IT & BPO Services

IT & BPO Services

From startups to massive multi-national companies, we provide IT & BPO services to businesses of all sizes. We understand that everyday new and innovative services are being introduced in the industry and businesses seek advantages to stay ahead of the competition. We recommend dividing IT & BPO services into two main types: back office and front office. While back-office services include internal business processes, such as billing or purchasing, front-office services pertain to the contracting company’s customers, such as marketing and tech support.

The BPO industry is classified into three categories, depending on their location and location of the vendor. We combined these three categories to help businesses achieve total process optimization:

  • ● Offshore vendors: the ones located outside of the company’s area.
  • ● Nearshore vendors: those located in neighbouring areas of the company.
  • ● Onshore vendors: operate within the same area as the contractor but may be located in a different city or state than the vendor.

Why rely on us for IT & BPO Services

To decrease costs:

Outsourcing decreases the cost for in-house labour, especially for staffing and training, and also saves cost for the workspace required to accommodate local employees. On the other hand, an outsourcing company located in some developing country or states leverages lower-cost labour markets. Outsourcing IT & BPO services enables businesses to avail variable-cost models, such as fee-for-service plans instead of fixed-cost plans required during retaining the local employees.

To expand their global presence:

Outsourcing IT & BPO services allows companies to serve customers in multiple languages, around the calendar, thus relieving the responsibility of the local company. Outsourcing companies help such businesses leverage their presence in multiple locations and keep the local company’s redundancy to a minimum.

Better flexibility:

Businesses that outsource their non-critical processes can act more quickly and efficiently while managing the risks associated with launching new products or services. They can also re-assign their internal human power to more critical processes to help ensure better coverage and ROI.

Improve speed and efficiency:

Companies that outsource critical processes let specialists handle those tasks, thus saving time, improving accuracy and increasing their work capacity. For example, a BPO that specializes in financial management can automatically index documents, make them easily available for retrieval, thus keeping the business compliant with legal requirements replacing the need for manual data entry and storage.

To concentrate on key functions:

Outsourcing allows businesses to meet their main offerings instead of basic company functions that aren’t directly connected to their core processes. When a business outsourcing its processes then they won’t have to continuously check the payroll accountant’s performance. Rather, they can focus their energies on highlighting their business differentiators and maximizing overall revenue growth. In turn, these actions help to boost a company’s competitive advantage and enhance its interactions with the increased value chain. Ultimately, the business can enjoy improved customer satisfaction and increased profits.

To achieve better results in non-core functions:

Outsourcing businesses specialize in non-core processes of other businesses, ensuring delivering world-class capabilities for their clients. In fact, outsourcing with large investments in specialized processes and technologies can deliver cutting-edge breakthroughs to its clients. For example, a gaming company may not pay for the latest payroll program available on the market, but a BPO & IT outsourcing business that offers payroll services are more likely to make this investment to benefit their own performance, along with their clients.