How To Know If Candidates Are Faking Experience During Job Interview!

Challenges associated with employee background verification is unique every time. Especially when it comes to verifying a candidate’s qualification & past experience. Due to easy access to online resources, many candidates fake their experiences & qualification during the job interview. 

We carry background verification checks on a daily basis for many candidates from different backgrounds. And we face different challenges every time along with major-minor glitches in the profiles. The most common challenges we find is while verifying past work experience for the candidates. There are many instances when we find candidates are forging experiences for many years while being fresher. Even there are instances when an employer has contacted us for routine verification for present employees and we found glitches related to work experience. 

We always advise our client organisation to show empathy with such people and discuss the findings before making out any decision. The reason is economic for or saints. Because our analysis shows that having some changes in the profile and letting the candidate stay in the organisation actually helps it to grow rather than repeating the entire hiring process.

So, how we do work background verification?

The easiest form of background verification checks we perform is employment history verification. We find out very carefully if a candidate is forging about their experience by having long conversations with the teammates working in the firm the candidates claimed to be at before. Then we get an official confirmation by phone or email to validate the authenticity of the information. 

Although, this crucial step is usually overlooked by many organisations. The reason behind this is the challenges associated with carrying out the background verification process for each candidates during the hiring process. The entire verification process takes a team of workers. Also, the cost associated with caring for the process is also a big challenge that every organisation faces. And usually, agencies charge a lot for carrying out this process.

With our new EVS systems, our clients can easily get this process done. All they need is to upload the work histories of the candidates. And we assess the same through our authenticated resources. 

The future of many organisations is going to be remote hiring & working process. In such a scenario, people will be working with different people without any face-to-face meetings. So, things are going to be difficult for organisations to maintain their worker quality standards. Hence, we have prepared ourselves with strong mandates to serve our clients with authenticated background verification results. 

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