Why Employee Background Verification is Critical for Every Organisation

Every business has the constant pressure of recruiting workers on regular basis. Due to the growth of our economy, the rate of employment is increasing. Despite this growing need for employees, every business faces the concern of whether they are recruiting the right person or not. The question of right depends on various factors such as skill level, character & identification of the person. By conducting employment background verification, organisations can assure themselves about these factors.

Being a recruitment team member, here is why you should consider background verification of employees before welcoming them onboard. 

1. To safeguard your premises

You definitely do not want any person with a criminal history within your premises, do you? But, how you would know if the person has submitted the accurate documentation & proof or not. And while recruiting a large number of candidates, it becomes even more difficult for organisations to verify everyone’s background history. 

Conducting pre-employment background verification is like taking a precaution. It helps you assess a job applicant on various parameters such as work experience, criminal records, references etc.

2. To confirm educational certifications & professional licence

Industries like medical, technical or IT requires a definite skillset from employees they hire. But how to verify if the candidates are producing the right certification proof & license proof. In India, all ISO certified companies are required to conduct background screening as per the RBI guidelines. Although, due to the lack of defined legislation of background verification, the process is conducted differently by different sectors. Yet a comprehensive background check usually includes verifying the educational qualifications, past employment, address proof, PAN card, Aadhaar card, criminal records and driving license etc. Himadi Solutions can help you with selecting the right candidates who are worthy to be in your esteemed organisation. 

3. To maintain the quality

Your organisation is involved in delivering quality services and you definitely do not want to compromise on it for anyone, right? This is why you need to hire only those people who are deserving to be on your premises and have the right skill to match your quality standards. 

With our standard employee background verifications, you can have the right people on board and maintain your quality standards easily. 

Your rights to screen employees before hiring!

Employee background verification is sensitive information that could raise objection from many individuals. However, there are thing you and your candidates need to understand too. First, ensure that the agency you have hired to conduct the background verification process should not violate the Indian data protection laws. Although, due to the lack of solid laws in this country, it is difficult to create a best practice for pre-employment background screening. in lieu of Article 21 of the Indian Constitution which protects an individual’s privacy from unlawful intrusion, you must get written consent from the applicant/employee for conducting pre-employment verification. You also need to be transparent about the reason for conducting the same.

Also, being a lawful employee verification service provider, we also need consent from candidates before processing your request. This is mandated by Federal Trade Commission. 

The take-away

If you operate recruitment in a business, it is your responsibility towards the organisation to recruit the right staff. We can help you with speeding up the process and conducting authentic practices so that you only get the right people on board.

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