Background Verification

Background Verification Services

An employment background check is done during the job interview process, but can also take place at any time the employer considers it necessary. For example, many employers require annual or half-annual or quarterly employment address check or criminal background checks to create a safe & secure workplace for their employees.

To carry a complete pre-employment background check, we will need the candidate’s full name, date of birth, PAN number and current or past address along with the candidate’s consent to process the check. Typically, a pre-employment background check includes information and records from the past seven years, although we may consider up to 10 years as per the employer’s choice.

Our employment background check includes a number of particulars such as employee’s work history, education, financial history, motor vehicle reports (MVRs), criminal record, medical history, social media background, and police record creening. If the case of a specialized position, the employer may request further screenings. For example, when someone is applying to be a financial advisor, chartered accountant, or bank positions, the employer may ask us to carry the applicant’s financial history and certification verification.

Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check is usually done when an organization needs to know about a candidate’s history for major criminal activity, such as violent or sex crimes, frauds, theft, or any convictions before processing a decision regarding employment.

Depending on the industry, like healthcare or banks, there are certain regulations against hiring candidates if their conviction is relevant to the job.

Our criminal background check may include the following record searches:

  • ● Police criminal databases
  • ● Sex offender registries
  • ● National criminal courts
  • ● Domestic and local surveillance lists
  • ● National and state criminal records

Personal Background Checks

Employers may ask us to run a check for a number of details while processing a personal background check. Depending on the industry, you can choose which checks you want us to perform, and the ones you don’t need. Our personal background check provides employers with a great way to address all potential errors. The errors help employers to take a decision on whether they want to hire certain candidates or not.

Professional License Background Checks

A professional license background check helps the employer to verify if the applicant does indeed possess a valid certification or license as claimed. This is important for employers to hire the right candidates with proper certifications.

Industries that may require professional license background check include:

  • ● The financial services industry such as financial planning, real estate, chartered accounting firms, banking, and insurance
  • ● Home contractors, lawyers or administrative works or electricians. ors, including plumbers, builders, and electricians
  • ● Education such as teachers, professors, and administrators

Employers need to get written permission from applicants and employees and let them know how they might use the information found in decisions about their employment. Additionally, if the employer chooses not to hire someone because of information found in a background check, then we recommend notifying the candidate with a copy of the report used to make the decision.

The cost of an employment background check can depend on what the employer wants to include for review. While basic national criminal background checks can cost little, a more thorough check can cost more. We also offer discount pricing for bulk orders.

BGC Component

Address Verification


Address validation is the process of checking a permanent, temporary or current address against an authoritative database to see if the address is valid. This process is also know as address verification. If the address in question matches an address in the official database, the address validates, meaning it's a real address. Addresses that do not match any addresses in the database are marked as invalid, meaning the address either doesn't exist or isn't registered resulting unable to verify.

Company Check


We authenticate the company registration number, type of company, date of incorporation, charges of a company, directors of the company, etc. from the site. The balance sheets and other documents of a company along with annual returns, we also conduct physical site visit to procure the latest and authentic report with the existence or presence.

Document Verification (KYC)


Our service is designed to verify the genuineness of documents presented for admission and other education abroad purposes to ensure that the integrity of the process is preserved. We adopt a contemporary method of verification that focuses on the validity and veracity of the document.

Education Check


India’s big employment pool, with the students educated from nearly 850 universities and over 39,600 colleges every year and competing for lucrative employment opportunities has led to a disturbing trend where nearly 5% of all educational records submitted for verification are found to be either fake or forged. Himadi conducts verification of educational records worldwide and help in confirming an applicant’s academic credentials by verifying that their degree, diploma or certificate is genuine.

Identity Check


Identity verification service is required by the employer and also needs to help businesses address key conflicts. It helps employer to authenticate the person and on one hand, protecting your business’ reputation and revenue means reducing the risk of fraud, and helping you to comply with KYC identity verification requirements.

Police Verification


Police verification is a necessary part to verify any individual. The process involves filling up a form followed by a visit to the nearest police station by the individual. The authority at the police station will then verify the identity of the individual from the claimed one. It involves facts checking various government databases, including the latest civil and criminal filings. Once confirmed the authority issues a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).

Professional Reference Check


P Many employers check references as part of the hiring process. A reference check is when an employer contacts a job applicant’s previous employers, schools, colleges, and other sources to learn more about his or her employment history, educational background, and qualifications for a job.

Previous Employment Verification


Verifying past work experience and previous employment is important because people stretch the truth, past employment verifications can also help uncover or explain gaps on a resume, or reveal an applicant trying to conceal downtime by stretching starting or end dates. If your company chooses, these verifications can also include professional references from people who actually have experience working with your candidate.

Bank Statement Verification


This service provides the ability to verify a borrower’s or candidate’s identity, account number and balance in real-time. It also provides validation of the account & random transaction history. Authentic validation of bank statement is done along with the consent of the candidate or borrower.



The Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd is clearly known as CIBIL in India a prime authentic agency for providing credit reports and scores for the individuals. They also provide the credit history along with all the loan and transaction details with a score card to understand the financial creditability of the candidate.

Court Record Check


Pre-screening candidates for criminal and civil litigation records is important to ensure a safe work environment and guard against the risks of employee fraud, legal lawsuits and reputational damage. Himadi conducts comprehensive searches at the jurisdictional High Court, District and Sessions Courts to uncover civil or criminal offences registered against applicants, including judgments as well as cases pending against or filed by them through reliable & trustworthy third parties. Court record searches can be carried out across India and are performed either through online access or through our extensive network of legal professionals.

Drug Test Screening


As part of the background screening process, job applicants may be required to be screened for drug and alcohol use. Depending on the company policy, employers may do this prior to making a job offer or as a contingency for an offer. Employees may be tested for drugs or alcohol in the workplace, where permitted by state or country law.

Global Data Check


We conduct intensive searches though subscription-based databases aggregating global regulatory and compliance information. These searches help to check if an applicant’s name figures adversely in more than 280 datasets, including money launderers, fraudsters, terrorists and sanctioned entities, plus individuals and businesses from over a dozen other categories. It also covers Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), their family members and potentially high-risk associates worldwide.

Medical Health Test


The provided medical health check up is conducted by the employers on candidate at the time of hiring process to verify the physical fitness of the candidate following the various general checks for example general Health, Diabetes, Kidney, Liver, Thyroid, Lipid Profile, Bones, Energy, Arthritis. Mussels, Energy tests etc.